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  • Save some coin

    They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch – but there is a free LifeDirect service and it doesn’t affect the cost of your policy.

  • Super easy

    Seriously. Get amazing coverage for you and your family in your own time without even getting off the couch.

  • Sit tight

    Your data is safe with us. We use extensive encryption to take care of your security and privacy.

  • You're in control

    Choose from NZ's leading insurers. No hassle. No drama.

  • Did we mention saving coin?

    Not to harp on, but you can also get 20% cashback on your first year's life insurance premium.

  • Pay zilch for access to MyLifeDirect

    Yep, more savings. Manage your policy, get ongoing service and make claims online with MyLifeDirect.

  • “Awesome - made the process so much easier.”

    Dion Ahern, Gisborne

  • “Fantastic. So easy, so immediate, so responsive. Thank you.”

    David Page, Auckland

  • “Easy to use and very quick to respond.”

    Erica Willoughby, Wellington

  • “Very friendly service. Timely updates. Thanks so much.”

    Caryn Peden, Huntly

How does LifeDirect work?

1. Quote and compare

Instantly compare and save on NZ's top life insurance policies

2. Apply online

Anytime, anywhere in a matter of minutes.

3. We'll sort the rest

Our friendly team will organise your insurance.

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Need support?

Don't we all? Luckily, we have a friendly crew based in Wellington to help you with every step of the process.

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Common questions about LifeDirect

  • How does LifeDirect work?

    There are three parts to our service. First, we offer a comparison, which makes sure you can smartly and transparently compare insurance plans and prices. Second, we make sure your insurer assesses your application quickly and fairly. And third, if you ever need to change your cover or claim, we're here to make it easy.

  • Why is using LifeDirect free?

    When you start a policy through LifeDirect, the insurer you choose pays us a fee. That's how we can offer our service to you for free.

  • Does LifeDirect help with any ongoing service or is it just for choosing a policy?

    Ongoing service is a big part of what we do. We're here to help with questions, changes to your cover, and of course claims. We also offer MyLifeDirect, where you can manage your policy online.

  • Can I get a lower cost if I contact the insurer directly?

    No. LifeDirect is able to offer the insurers' "standard" premiums, so they are the same whether you start your policy through LifeDirect or head to the insurer.

  • How should I choose a policy?

    We reckon there are four things to consider: Price, Financial Strength, Policy Quality, and Customer Service. You can order your comparison by any one of these, or use PolicySorter to compare across several at the same time.