At LifeDirect we always try to resolve any disputes or complaints ourselves, immediately. You can complain by calling us on 0800 800 400 or by emailing us at

Your complaint will be reviewed by the Customer Services Manager and/or the Operations and Compliance Manager as soon as possible. Your complaint will be logged in our internal Complaints Register straight away.

We will consider your complaint and identify how we may be able to solve it. We will respond to you within two working days. We will contact you by phone or email and let you know how we plan to resolve your complaint.

If we are not able to resolve your complaint, or you aren't satisfied with the way we propose to do so, you can contact Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL) – A Financial Ombudsman Service on or 0800 347 257. You can also write to them at PO Box 5967, Wellington 6140.

FSCL provides a free, independent disputes resolution service that may help investigate or resolve your complaint.

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