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New Zealand's best little health insurer

Accuro is a New Zealand-owned, not for profit insurer. We put our 30,000 members before financial gain. When you combine our quality products with fast claims turnaround and our knowledgeable customer service team, it's no wonder we are New Zealand's best little health insurer.

Accuro offers the following type of insurance on


SmartCare+ is Accuro's top rated individual product for those who make their health a priority. It includes cover for non-PHARMAC drugs.

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Accuro also offers the following products. These products are not as easily comparable to other insurers products as those above, but you can still purchase them through LifeDirect. Get in touch to find out more.


SmartCare provides comprehensive health insurance for people who want to take care of their wellbeing. It is a lower cost option to our top-rated SmartCare+ product, whilst retaining most of the key benefits.

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SmartStay is the only New Zealand health insurance available to those on a visa of less than two years. It gives you all the benefits that you expect from a quality health insurance product including cover for treatment in public and private hospitals. There is also the option to add cover for GP and nurse consultations, as well as prescription drugs and laboratory tests.

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KidSmart is the only New Zealand health insurance product design specifically for children. It allows a guardian to take out health insurance for their children, grandchildren or dependants without having to take out cover for themselves.

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Access to Active Benefits

Active insurance is about providing our members with access to benefits, resources and services that support them and their family's health and wellbeing.

We want to go beyond being a passive insurer by actively engaging with our members to help them stay healthy and well.

All of the products you've seen come with free access to the following Active Benefits, designed to keep you well.

Best Doctors®

Best Doctors® gives our members unlimited access to over 50,000 of the world's leading specialists at no extra cost to them. You can use it to ask a GP online, get a second opinion or review a treatment plan. Accuro is the only health insurer in New Zealand offering this service to all members.

Mental Health Navigator by Best Doctors®*

The Mental Health Navigator is designed to break down barriers by providing fast, comprehensive and confidential access to a team of mental health professionals. Accuro is the only health insurer in New Zealand offering this service free to its members.


The Accuro Health Hub is our free online health and wellbeing platform. The Health Hub provides you with your own personal health report and then gives insights into how you can make changes to improve and track your health and wellbeing.


Accuro provides free access for all its members to the SkinVision app which can help detect skin cancer at an early stage, when it's most treatable.

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*The Mental Health Navigator is available to those 18 years of age and older who hold the Specialist plan with their policy.

Other Special Offers

  • One month free if you choose to pay Annually
  • 2% discount if you choose to pay by direct debit
  • 10% non-smoker discount
  • Healthy BMI discount of 5% after 3 years, 10% after 6 years, 15% after 9 years
  • Suspension options if life happens. You can suspend your policy for up to two years and re-start it again when you are able.

Our position on pre-existing conditions

We do not apply exclusions to all pre-existing conditions, and we do not apply a flat life-time exclusion for all exclusions we place. We will assess the risk that each condition could pose and then put a timeframe on the exclusion to match. These timeframes could range anywhere from 1 year to the life of the policy.

If they are for a limited time then they will automatically drop off once the timeframe has finished, you do not need to apply to have them removed.

We also offer some exclusions with review criteria, which means that we will review the condition with more information and may remove it entirely.

Some of our services, such as Best Doctors®, can be used by anyone and for any condition, regardless of exclusions.

Disclaimer: Please note that the content provided in this article is intended as an overview and as general information only. While care is taken to ensure accuracy and reliability, the information provided is subject to continuous change and may not reflect current development or address your situation. Before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article, please use your discretion and seek independent guidance.

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