House & Contents Insurance

House & Contents Insurance FAQs

What is House & Contents insurance?

House & Contents insurance covers you against sudden, accidental loss to your home or contents during the period of your insurance.

What does House & Contents insurance cover?

Full house replacement

Rebuild or repair your house and other structures up to your replacement value.

Personal contents

Replace or repair lost or damaged belongings on a new-for-old basis.

Legal liability

Cover legal costs if an accident injures someone or causes damage to other's property.

Benefits of initio's House cover

Temporary Accommodation

$20,000 of alternative accommodation if your damaged house can't be lived in.

Hidden Gradual Damage

$3,000 for gradual water damage from a hidden water or waste pipe.

Reduced Glass Breakage Excess

Reduced $250 excess for glass breakage claims.

Excess-free Blocked Pipe

Up to $500 to unblock underground water or swage pipes, with no excess.

Excess-free Keys & Locks

They'll pay up to $1000 if your keys are lost, stolen or coped with no excess

Inflation Protection

They'll pay up to 10% over your sum insured if a disaster increases building costs.

Benefits of initio's Contents cover

New-for-Old Replacement

Contents are repaired or replaced to new condition, not depreciated.

One Excess per event

If both your house & contents are damaged (e.g flood), you'll only pay one excess

Contents in Transit or Storage

Store contents temporarily away from home, in transit to a new house, or stored at vault.

Personal Liability

Up to $1m for damage you accidentally cause to other's property in New Zealand.

How does initio compare?

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How are contents claims paid out?

Their policy is New-for-Old based cover, where most items are covered for brand new replacement.

New Repair or Replacement

Item is replaced or repaired to new condition.

You lost your iPhone 12. $2,000 is paid for a brand new replacement iPhone 12.

Present Value Repair or Replacement

Item is replaced or repaired to current value.

You lost your iPhone 12. Depreciated $1,000 is paid based on its second-hand value.

Click here to see their only present value items.
Why initio?

They use their technology to save time and money.

Great Cover

They don't expect you to build your own policy, so they include the things that matter - bells and whistles too.

100% Online

They provide instant, online quotes for your house, and take the same approach to claims.

Support Focused

They're here to support you when tragedy strikes. Let them show you the way to better insurance.

Starting a quote takes seconds, get on your way to being prepared for the unexpected.

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