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Will New Zealand health insurance work in Australia?

Some insurance companies offer health insurance cover in both New Zealand and Australia.

Thinking about living in Australia?

When you compare insurance with different insurers, you will have noticed that most insurers offer cover in Australia as well as New Zealand. If you choose a health policy that covers both countries, the way it works is simple. You'll be able to launch a claim under your health insurance whether you are receiving treatment in NZ or Australia for your medical costs, or hospital treatments. This is not to be confused with travel insurance.

What are the limitations?

This kind of cover is really useful if you're looking to spend a bit of time in both countries, or if you decide to travel to Australia. You'll be able to skip the public hospital waiting lists in both countries, although there will be some limitations you'll need to watch out for. After arriving in Australia, the most important drawback is that the insurer will usually only pay for Australian treatment up to, or just under the usual cost for the same procedure in New Zealand. Each insurer will have their differences when it comes to cover, and for many claims this isn't an issue, but it's important to keep in mind!

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