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How your phone can help you get fit

Lots of people have their smartphones set up to help them get through life more efficiently – whether that’s calendar reminders for meetings, shared to do lists with family, or just keeping in touch with a bunch of friends at once via a group chat.

But have you thought about using your smartphone to get fit?

Here are five ways it can help you.

Fitness apps

There are countless fitness apps that can offer you tailored programmes for everything from pilates to power yoga, kettle bells to marathon running. Many apps are available free – and YouTube offers countless free video options – but others offer extra functionality at a price. Strava and MyFitnessPlan are some of the most popular fitness apps in New Zealand, according to reports. Both offer the ability to track workouts, and MyFitnessPlan includes the option of tracking food intake.

Timers and reminders

If you have a desk job, you probably know that you should stand up and walk around every so often. A few years back, a Unitec master of osteopathy student was quoted as saying that there was evidence that sitting for as little as two hours a day could have a negative effect. But it can be hard to remember to get it up from your chair, particularly if work is busy.  Your phone can help. Pop a reminder into your calendar throughout your day to ping you and tell you to move. You can also set a timer on your phone so that you know when you’ve walked around for five minutes.

Step counters

Most phones have in-built step counters, which can help you check how much you’re moving. These aren’t perfect because they don’t track any steps you take when you aren’t carrying your phone, unless you have a connected smartwatch, but they’ll give you a good idea. Set a target and see how many times you can tick it off.  Sport Northland says the 10,000 steps a day benchmark is still a good one for healthy adults.

Meal planning

Sometimes the best fitness intentions are waylaid by a dodgy diet. If you’d like to eat better, you can use your phone to help. Your calendar can be a way to plan your meals, or you can make use of meal planning services and apps, such as New Zealand’s MenuAid.


Many people heading out for a run pop their headphones on as they disappear out the door. But have you thought about what you’re playing? Run coaching podcasts can be a coach on your shoulder through your run, keeping you motivated.

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