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Smartphone apps to boost your wellbeing

Is it time to improve your health and wellbeing?

Help might be available in the palm of your hand. There are smartphone apps available that offer to help with everything from exercise to meal tracking, meditation to sleep.

Here are eight free apps that could boost your health and wellness journey.

Map My Run

If you’re out pounding the pavement, Map My Run could be a big help. Runners can keep track of their distance, pace, elevation and calories burned via this free app, which also suggests running routes for people who need inspiration. The app can synch with My Fitness Pal if you’re recording other diet and exercise information.

Fitness Buddy

If you’re mixing in some strength training, Fitness Buddy can help you stay on track. It includes a database of exercises to try to target different muscle groups, and videos to help you ensure your form is on point.


Headstrong is a free app developed by researchers at the University of Auckland to help young people enhance their mental wellbeing but can be used by anyone who needs a bit of extra support. It includes strategies to manage stress, resolve conflict and deal with negative thoughts. It works via a chatbot that simulates a conversation.


If you want to train your brain and keep yourself sharp, Lumosity could be a good option. No purchase is required, and the app will offer you a daily exercise game for your mind. It adapts to suit users’ strengths and weaknesses. The app promises to help cognitive performance across things such as working memory, arithmetic reasoning and processing speed.


Getting your breathing right can really help improve stress levels. This app offers practice exercises to help you learn diaphragmatic breathing, a key way to calm your system. These exercises are designed to help quiet your “fight or flight” response and can be done anywhere.


This app was developed by non-profit organisation Anxiety Canada and uses cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to help manage your moods. There are also tools for positive thinking and visualisation exercises.


Noom (which includes a free option) is often touted as a weight loss app but can also be useful to help guide better food choices. It offers information about nutrition and classifies foods as “red”, “orange” and “green” to help guide users to the most nutrient-dense options.

Insight Timer

This free meditation app lets you choose from thousands of guided meditations, of varying durations, led by celebrities and other teachers. There are also options for kids’ meditations and stories to help little ones get ready for bed.

These are just some of the many apps available, catering to every health need you can think of. You can check out Apple’s app store or Google Play for more options.

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