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Health insurance for kids

Health insurance cover for children is an easy way to safeguard their future insurability.

What are the benefits of insurance for children?

There are a couple of reasons why you should consider health insurance for your children.

The first reason is the same as why adults get private health insurance - to skip public waiting lists. Generally speaking, children are taken very good care of in the public health system, but waiting lists are unavoidable. As a parent, if you want to ensure that treatment is as quick as possible, you can add your child to your existing insurance plan.

The second reason to insure your child is to safeguard their future insurability. When you take out a health insurance policy, the insurance company will assess your application, and typically exclude any "pre-existing" condition - so they won`t cover any issue that already exists. Because of this, getting cover as early as possible is important as it minimises the number of exclusions a health plan will have.

Enrolling your children in a health insurance policy early on can guarantee that they have a policy free of exclusions - which is very valuable and a great thing to have as they enter adulthood.

To look into getting your child insured, jump on over to LifeDirect and start a quote online to compare different policies from New Zealand's leading insurers. Alternatively, you can use our livechat or call one of our friendly sales consultants on 0800 800 400.

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