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Health insurance for a pre existing condition

Your medical history, or any pre existing medical conditions may affect what you can get health insurance cover for.

For example, if you've had a heart attack in the past 12 months, your insurer will want the full details of your condition, but it's likely that heart issues won't be covered in the future.

What if you have a health condition?

Most insurers in New Zealand offer cover for pre existing conditions in one of three ways, they will either:
  • permanently exclude the condition from your cover
  • charge an additional premium to cover the condition, or;
  • only cover the condition after a “stand-down” period. A stand down period means that cover will be available for the condition after your policy has been running for a set time, this is normally around three years.

It's not all bad news though

Each insurer has differing approaches when it comes to how to approach exclusions. It will depend on your pre existing condition, and what it's associated with it.

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