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Does health insurance work overseas?

Looking at travelling overseas? Depending on how long you're travelling, you're better off looking at travel insurance, or international health insurance as your New Zealand health insurance cover won't protect you.

Overseas treatment benefit

Most New Zealand health insurance policies will offer an “overseas treatment” benefit. First things first, an overseas treatment benefit is not the same as travel insurance. If you get yourself in a pickle and end up with a broken leg on a Colorado ski-field, your health insurance policy back in New Zealand can do nothing to have you patched up or brought back to New Zealand for an emergency medical evacuation (to say nothing of replacing those expensive skis).

Instead, an overseas treatment benefit means that if you become ill and the medical care you require is not available in New Zealand but is available overseas, your insurance company will help with the cost of the medical expense. This means that you can access treatment that might be too new for New Zealand, or that we simply don't have the expertise available in the country.

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