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Your BMI and life insurance

Your body mass index (BMI) is an important factor when applying for life insurance. Most life insurance companies will base your insurance premiums depending on your height and weight.

Why is your BMI important?

While it's not necessarily the most accurate measurement of body fat or physical health, your weight and height will play a big part when the time comes for you to start a life insurance application. This is pretty personal information, but it's also hugely important for your insurer as there may be an increased risk of health conditions based on your weight.

Lucky for you, we have a handy BMI calculator which you can use to get an idea of where you stand.Generally speaking, if you have a higher BMI, you'll have higher life insurance premiums.

An insurer will never ask you to undergo a medical exam if you have a high or low BMI. However, they may be interested in knowing if you have any medical records or medical history associated with your weight, such as a history of heart disease or high blood pressure.

How can we help?

Interestingly, insurer attitudes can be different when it comes to weight and height ratios. We will often see cases where “Insurer A” might place an increased premium on a policy, while “Insurer B” will have no increased cost.

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