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Application FAQs

LifeDirect's online application is fast and secure. We've given FAQ's below, and please contact us if you'd like to discuss any other questions.

  • What questions do the insurers ask?

    The form will ask a range of Yes/No questions about your health. If you answer "Yes" to a question, then there will usually be short follow up questions asking for more information.

  • What information do I need?

    To complete your application quickly and accurately, it can help to have the following information handy:

    • Your GP/Medical practice contact details
    • Information regarding any past or ongoing medical conditions
    • Bank account or credit/debit card details

    If you are unable to complete any part of the application don't worry - you can save it and return later. Or you can submit your application with a question unanswered - LifeDirect will contact you to discuss the question and help you answer it.

  • How long does it take?

    Most people take 10-20 minutes (a joint application can take longer). Mostly it depends on your health - if you've experienced certain health issues you'll have additional questions to complete.

  • How am I kept updated?

    Once you've submitted your application we will keep you fully up-to-date on its progress. You'll receive email updates every step of the way - from the time we receive your signed documents to when your application has been accepted. And if your insurer requests further information we'll let you know immediately as well.

  • Will I need medical tests?

    Usually your insurer won't require medical or blood tests. However these can be needed in two situations. First, if you have experienced certain health issues, or have a height/weight ratio outside of the insurers "usual" guidelines, they might ask that you take a blood test or have a quick medical check. This is totally free to you.

  • How is my information kept confidential?

    All of your personal details are confidential and are only shared with the insurer that you have chosen. Our online application is secured by 256 bit TLS encryption to ensure the safety of your personal information, and payment details are encrypted. For more please visit the privacy & security page.

  • How is LifeDirect paid?

    When you start a policy through LifeDirect, we receive a payment from the insurer you choose. That's why we can offer LifeDirect as a free service to you. The payment we receive does not affect the cost of your insurance - the policies we offer are the insurers standard, minimum pricing. Click to view LifeDirect's commission rates.

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