How to (truly) relax and unwind this holiday season

The past couple of years have challenged all of us in vast and unexpected ways, so it's only natural to look forward to a restful holiday break.

We hope you get to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones and friends over the holidays - you deserve it. And here are some tips to help you recharge your batteries for next year.

Spend time in nature

As the days get warmer, longer and hopefully sunnier, there's no better time to get out and explore New Zealand's stunning scenery.

If you'd like to recharge yourself, why not breathe in some fresh air? Summer is a great season to enjoy our amazing beaches, breath-taking landscapes, and panoramic walks. It doesn't even have to be a long walk or a full day of activities; a quick stroll along a local beach can do wonders for your mood and physical wellbeing.

Unplug from your screen

Do you spend a lot of time looking at your phone? Most of us do, and summer can be a good time to switch off a little more and enjoy a break from the screen.

Having a 'digital detox' doesn't mean giving up technology completely - just using it more mindfully.

Think about how your online habits make you feel, what you enjoy about them and how they fit into your life. Social networks, for example, can be powerful and entertaining tools, but it can be easy to lose track of time while going down a rabbit hole of posts, shares and comments.

Like to regain control of your time, but not sure how to start? If you're brave enough, turn off every device for at least 24 hours, or set some rules around when and where you'll be using them. After a short while, you may miss your phone less and less.

Leave work behind

If you had a full-on year at work, make sure you put your job aside as much as possible during the holidays, again by setting time limits and boundaries. After all, you deserve some quality time off to start the new year with a fresh outlook.

Occasionally checking your emails is OK, of course, but remember that even relaxing requires a dash of discipline.

But how, you may ask? Things like turning off phone notifications and setting your out-of-office can be essential steps for a stress-free vacation. Some of our team at LifeDirect also recommend 'brain dumping' it all. On your last day of work before the holidays, write down a to-do list of the things that need to be done when you return, then keep that handy for future use. This way, not only will you start the year well organised, but you will also feel a load off your mind.

Don't overlook that all-important 'me' time

'Tis the season to be jolly, but the holidays can also be a tad stressful at times. And that's why pampering yourself and doing the things you love most is also crucial - be that curling up on your sofa with your favourite book, getting a treatment at a local spa, or a day out on a boat. And on this note, from simple breathing techniques through to more dynamic yoga postures, there are many things you can do to centre yourself and practise some self-care.

Looking for peace of mind?

According to research, there's a strong link between financial resilience and personal fulfilment. Your peace of mind - during the holidays and year-round - is about your overall wellbeing, and having an appropriate level of insurance protection in place can help you achieve it.

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