Cashback terms

  1. Acceptance of terms: By taking out an insurance policy which has a Cashback or Special Offer applying to it (an “Eligible Policy”), you agree to these terms and conditions (“Terms”) which are between Trade Me Comparisons Limited (“LifeDirect”) and you. LifeDirect may update these Terms at any time without notice to you, but will adhere to the terms that applied at the time you took out the Eligible Policy.

  2. Cashback: A “Cashback” is where LifeDirect offers to make a cash payment to you, calculated on the basis of the first year’s total annual premium amount payable under your Eligible Policy. The cash amount payable may be indicated as a percentage, fraction, or a cash value. Where a Cashback is offered to you, LifeDirect will pay you a Cashback in accordance with the percentage, fraction, or cash value indicated to you, provided you comply with these Terms.

  3. Special Offer: LifeDirect may also make a “Special Offer” in addition to, or as a substitute for a Cashback, which may comprise an offer to provide goods, services, or credit or vouchers that may be exchanged for goods or services (subject to any additional and/or third party terms and conditions specific to the use of such credit or vouchers). Where LifeDirect does make a Special Offer, these Terms and any additional terms and conditions communicated by LifeDirect to you will apply.

  4. Other requirements for Cashback and Special Offer: From time to time, LifeDirect may offer a Cashback or Special Offer to you in accordance with these Terms. Any other terms, conditions or requirements applicable to an offer of a Cashback or Special Offer which are made known to you (for example, via email, in the application process or in any advertising) apply in addition to these Terms. A Cashback or Special Offer may be made available only to specific persons (determined at LifeDirect’s sole discretion). In addition, any Cashback or Special Offer will only:

    1. be available to you if you submit an application for an Eligible Policy and have that policy issued during the period(s) specified by LifeDirect to you, or if not specified, for a limited time (which may be determined by LifeDirect at its reasonable discretion and without notice to you);

    2. apply in relation to the policies, categories of insurance or to the specific insurers, notified to you by LifeDirect; and

    3. be available to be claimed where your policy is active (and has not been cancelled by you), which means that you have made at least 3 fortnightly payments (or equivalent) towards your annual premium, and where no more than six months have passed since your policy commencement date.

  5. Exclusions: You are not eligible to receive a Cashback or Special Offer if you:

    1. have previously taken out a policy through LifeDirect (unless you are taking out additional cover);

    2. take out a policy through a financial adviser we have connected you with.

  6. Other fees still apply: If you take out an Eligible Policy, unless LifeDirect notifies you otherwise, you will remain liable to pay:

    1. the applicable premiums, at the amount(s) and interval(s) agreed between you and your chosen insurer; and

    2. any applicable policy set up fees, payable directly to your chosen insurer.

  7. Cancelled or lapsed policies: If you, within twelve months of receiving a Cashback, do any of the following (a - c), you must return the Cashback in full to LifeDirect, or return a portion of the Cashback to LifeDirect, such portion to be pro-rated based on the amount your annual premium has been reduced by. This clause 7 applies where you:

    1. cancel your policy;

    2. allow your policy to lapse through non-payment; or

    3. reduce your level of cover.

    LifeDirect reserves the right to take action against you, including (without limitation) the use of collection services, to recover outstanding debts. You are liable for all expenses (including legal fees) that LifeDirect incurs when collecting that debt.

  8. Liability: To the fullest extent permitted by law, LifeDirect shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever suffered by you in respect of the subject matter of these Terms (including but not limited to any direct, indirect, consequential, special, punitive or incidental loss or damages) and LifeDirect’s liability to you will in all circumstances be limited to the value of the Cashback or Special Offer. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in these Terms is intended to modify or negate a consumer's rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

  9. Privacy: Your information collected by LifeDirect for the purposes of these Terms is held and used by LifeDirect subject to its privacy policy.