How your cashback works

As a thanks for using our service, LifeDirect gives you a 20% Cashback on your first year's life insurance premium!

How it works is simple - when your policy starts we'll send you a lump sum equal to 20% of your first year's premium. The Cashback is paid on life insurance only and is paid on the first 12 months' premium, not in subsequent years. The Cashback is paid to you by LifeDirect, not your selected insurer. It is a lump sum and does not affect the regular premium you pay to your insurer.

Cashback conditions

No Cashback is payable if you are replacing an existing policy started through LifeDirect. Also, if you are replacing an existing policy with a policy from the same insurer, LifeDirect will only pay a Cashback on any increase in premium. You must have an active policy when you claim your Cashback and it must be claimed within 6 months of your policy commencing. If you cancel your policy through LifeDirect, or it lapses through non-payment within twelve months of receiving the Cashback, you must return the cashback in full to LifeDirect.

Cashbacks and other promotional offers

LifeDirect reserves the right to take action against you, including (without limitation) the use of collection services, to recover outstanding debts. You are liable for all expenses (including legal fees) that LifeDirect incurs when collecting that debt.